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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Research

Update on Majestic 12 Documents

I have been an active UFOlogist since I was a participant in the Midwest UFO Network (the forerunner of today's MUFON), a ham radio network in the Midwest during the 1970's.
In 2016, I left MUFON while I was Chief Investigator for Northern California.
My interests now lie in researching various UFO-related government documents, such as the MJ-12 papers and the Eric Davis meeting with Admiral Wilson.
The CIA's top medical team determines the film "Alien Autopsy" is legitimate. Original Ray Santelli film: Alien Autopsy

>UFOs over the White House


President Truman discusses UFO's

The National UFO Reporting Center - NUFORC

Northern California MUFON


   Majestic-12 Documents

Unidentified Flying Objects - Project BLUE BOOK


MUFON - The Inside Truth

The UFO Trail Blog - MUFON and David Jacobs 


Death Bed Confessions: Jesse Marcel and "Agent Kewper"  

UFOs and NATO The Human Mutilation Cover Up - full video

Carol Rainey (ex-wife of Budd Hopkins) exposť on - faked abduction evidence and Linda Cortile

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